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Tips before signing up for a contract:
(lea esto en Español)

  1. Verify you are hiring real services, ask for pictures of past events performed by the choosen company.

  2. Do not allow you provider to show you magazine pictures from another country, demand real samples of real places.  Magazines and brochures may suggest ideas for you but never should be treated as the a company final working catalog.

  3. Make sure that the choose company really exists and it is not a ficticious name (in Costa Rica, you can verify the company's ID at the Goverment TAX division named:  Ministerio de Hacienda at the Contributors Consulation System, similar to the USA tax entity named IRS).  You may verify ours by clicking here.

  4. Do not give money on an informal basis (like setting an appointment to pay in a park or mall).  Get the time to visit your provider facilities and make sure it is not a office ghost.  If you are performing wire money transfers, keep in mind they should go to an account under the company's name and not under someone else who pretend to be that company (ask for an a receipt).

  5. If you are paying with a credit card, check that the choosen company's name printed in the voucher, otherwise you may suffer a delusion from another entity.  When everything is clear, everything goes OK.

  6. Know your provider, visit their offices and establish a relantionship  on effective communication in the meetings and telephone calls.

  7. If you receive a quote by e-mail from a free mailing service (@hotmail.com, @yahoo.com, @gmail.com, among others, ask yourself why that company can afford a corporate e-mail like @yourchoosencompany.comConsider thisif your choosen provider does not show a serious image, What can you expect during your special event day?  (some free Internet mailing systems are effective, but a corporate executive from a serios company, never will use those free e-mail accounts...  those may exists, but for official communications, always demand a corporate account).

  8. Some providers may give you a lower cost than others, because it is not a re-sellers but a local productor or simply, is aware of the cost and only will charge what is reasonable.  Remember the saying:  «the cheaper, the most expensive».  This does not imply that you have to acquire services out of your budget.  But also keep in mind that if you visit 5 providers, why only 1 is giving a cost so low that will not even cover the materials!  Make your event unforgettable.

  9. Perceive the passion with which your provider serves.


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