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Para cualquier ocasión, simplemente contáctenos para obtener ese detalle que tiene en mente...





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¿No sabe cómo hacer X ó Y?  Organice a un grupo de personas cercanas a usted y comparta unas clases de cocina, arreglos florales, manualidades, entre otros.   Teléfono:  2441-2411




Visítenos y comente que vio nuestro anuncio en Internet para brindarle un descuento en su evento.



Visítenos y comente que vio nuestro anuncio en Internet para brindarle un descuento en su evento.





Columnas griegas para alquilar en Costa Rica, fiesta con tema griego.  Graduaciones.
[Greek columns rental]



 Please read the next 4 paragraphs before starting...

Please fill this form out so we can know about you a little bit.  Once received, one of our representatives will be sending either an e-mail confirmation or call in no more than 24 hours (most of the time, it happens in the next 30 minutes unless it is a weekend, holiday, lunch time or we are out of the office covering an event).  Remember that we conform to its requirements, you are who decides what contracts and what not. 

If you do not receive our e-mail confirmation, please verify the message was not marked as SPAM Sometimes the e-mail may be filtered and stored in your SPAM/Junk-Mail folder in Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail.

Remember that in that confirmation, we will be sending the date, day and time that is available for you to come to our officeso we can show you table cloth, flower decorations and other details for your event

You may choose from several options  do not forge to enter at least 2 phones, so we can contact your in case the e-mail bounce by an unknown reason and please enter 2 or 3 dates (day/time) that you have available in your calendar to meet with us here.



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Personal Info:  
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Mobile phone:
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Personal E-mail:
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(enter as many as you want, they must be separated by
a semicolon "
;"   It is highly recommended to enter at least 2 e-mail in case one is over quota)

Starting at:  
Ending at:  
Ceremony type:
Food type:
From this point until the SEND button, it is not necessary to complete all the fields, but remember:  the more specific, the easy way for us to prepare a quote when you show up for the meeting.
Desired Music:
Table cloth and flower decoration:  
# of invitées:
# of tables:
# of people per table:
# of center table decorations:
Center table decoration type:
Flower type:  

It is not mandatory to choose the flowers type, we can advice you for free; if you wish to select more than 1 type, please press the CTRL key while clicking the others with the mouse at the same time.

Table cloth color:  

White, Salmon, blue, beige, yellow, golden, silver, red wine, orange sunset, green sunset, mint green, red, govelines, tergals.  if you wish another color, please add it here, we add more colors according to people request.

si desean otro color no disponible acá, favor anotarlo pues próximamente estaremos confeccionando nuevos diseños

Table cloth:
Sur table cloth (over the table cloth):
Wide ribbon:

Slim ribbon:


Cake: for   people


Make-up and/or hairdo at your home?
(includes the demo prior the event)
  Yes No
Photography   Yes No
Comparsa?   Yes No
Souvenirs?   Yes No
Fireworks?   Yes No
Additional music   Yes No

Any other detail you want to let us know in order to prepare your quote, like:

Wedding arras decoration, pillow ring wedding, flower girl's basket, wedding «toast» glasses, cake spatula and knife decoration as well as the CARNAVAL (accesories)

Thanks for your time and we wish you a good week.

 IMPORTANT NOTES You will receive a phone call from us within 24 hours (business hours) or an e-mail in case we can't contact you by phone... if you have not seen the e-mail, check your e-mail folders named:  SPAM, JunkMail.  Consult your IT System/Network Administrator or Support Team in order to add our domain to your personal safe/white-list.

The first counseling appointment and quotation for the orignization of your event is complimentary IF it is from Monday to Friday (we will show you various options and combinations in decorations, music and others at our offices).  The regular cost is US$ 50 per hour (applicable to the final quote of the services you may hire from our company if you wish).

If you are unable to atend the day and time agreed, please cancel your appointment 24 hours before, otherwise there is a fee for consultancy services mentioned above to re-schedule.

Remember that if you don't call to cancel (by phone, e-mail or SMS, contact form, no matter the method used, you will receive our confirmation); your space will not be used by another customer, which is why we ask timeliness of your appointment.  LosDecoradores.com S. A. is a top-leader company in the market, responsible and organized with the agenda.

If at the end of the «re-scheduled appointment» (or 7 calendar days after this) you decide to host the event with our company, the amount paid for the advice will be applied in your favor at the toal quote cost.  The money is not refundable and it applied as a professional advice.

You will receive an invoice for the services rendered.


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