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Greek columns for your event, rented by LosDecoradores.com
Special events, decoration and organization...

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Columnas griegas para alquiler, bajo costo

Looking for theme parties?
What about a greek ambient...

This is the place,
fill out this form
and write down the amount of required columns in the final comments field.
(smalls are 0.50 cm, or the talls are 2.1 m)

Prices starting at
$35 per small column*
$100 per tall column

OFFER:  $210 for 2 small and 2 tall*

Greek Columns for your special event

Columnas para fiestas griegas privadas y/o públicas¿Decoración del espacio interno?  Acá encontrará las columnas específicas.


LosDecoradores.com - Eventos Especiales, decoración de bodas, organización de eventos empresariales/corporativos


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* no transportation included.
Transportating may vary depending on your location.  If you wish to use your own vehicule you are free to proceed ONLY if it has the appropiate conditions/dimensions.

Columnas griegas para alquilar en Costa Rica, fiesta con tema griego.  Graduaciones.








Columnas para fiestas griegas privadas y/o públicas


















Columnas griegas para alquiler, bajo costo


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